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Supavac SV250-V Mining Slimes System



  • 100% compressed air operation
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Manual or fully automatic operation
  • High vacuum and high airflow
  • Throughput capacity up to 30 m3/hr @SG1.0(132USGPM)
  • Variable air consumption 150-750cfm
  • Robust and compact
  • Gravity feed capability
  • Roll cage and weather cover (optional)
  • Applications

  • Thickener desludge
  • Petrochemical tank cleaning
  • Heavy crude transfer
  • Barge and hull cleaning
  • Sump and shaft de-mucking
  • Tailings and ash pond cleaning
  • Raw effluent pond desludging
  • Hazardous waste recovery
  • Transfer of mining slurries



The Supavac SV250-V Mobile Sludge Pump is designed to transfer an extremely wide array of heavy sludges via 100mm suction and discharge lines.

The system has the ability to operate with various SX Jet Packs ranging from 150 to 750cfm depending on the operator’s requirements.

The SV250-V Mobile Sludge Pump is a vacuum loading pressure discharge batch system that can recover flowable slurries from up to 50 metres (164ft) and deliver the same in excess of 1000 metres (3280ft) whilst remaining a one man or fully automatic operation.

The pump can transfer in excess of 30 m3/hr @SG1.0 (132USGPM) depending on the required duty.

Additional information


H 165 cm, W 129 cm, L 120 cm


680 Kg

Air Consumption

150-270-400-600-750CFM at 85psi to 100psi


Up to 25”Hg+ (85kPa)

Suction Inlet

100 mm (4”)

Discharge Outlet

100 mm (4”)

Solids Handling

To 75 mm (3”)


Also available in Class 3 carbon, 316 stainless steel or polyurethane coated tanks.
Wheel mounted option available.

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