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65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator



  • Medical waste incineration of up to 65 kg/hr
  • Secondary chamber for re-burn of harmful emissions
  • Award winning design
  • Beats European emissions standards
  • High quality build made in the United Kingdom
  • Small and portable system



65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator, model I8-M80, is specially designed for medical waste.

This model is a controlled air incinerator, providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. Front loading design provides excellent liquid retention.

The 65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator is a medium capacity specialist “M” incinerator which is optimized for medical waste disposal.

Benefiting from a front-loading door, cylindrical combustion chambers, integrated I.D. fan and clinical exterior design making it the 65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator the ideal option for hospitals and medical waste collection centres.

This model is the only option in our range which is self-contained with a rear access door accommodating a built-in fuel tank and mounted control panel. The I8-M80 is supplied fully installed, with a fuel tank and piping included.

Machine Features

  • Dual primary chamber burners
  • Multi-zone temperature control
  • Enhanced Coretex insulation
  • Cool touch exterior
  • CE2 Advanced control panel as standard

Industry Leading Insulation

Coretex© insulation – a  specially formulated substrate containing various levels of material. Ensures almost all of the heat generated within our incinerators stays inside them, increasing performance and efficiency.

Rigid, Long Lasting Construction

The 65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator is constructed from British made high quality 5mm mild steel plate. They are fully welded for maximum strength by our time-served coded welders give years of trouble-free operation.

Fully Compliant Range

Each of our incinerators has been tested to exacting standards ensuring they meet all required guidelines. They are CE declared to BS E7N4 6-2:1997 (industrial thermo processing equipment – part 2).  This machine can reach in excess of 850o C in the secondary chamber and also retains the gases for the 2 seconds required.

Remote Monitoring & Pro-active Analysis (optional extra)

We have developed this control panel to allow trouble-fee operation. Data can be fed back to our team of engineers who monitor and provide advice on optimum operation of your incinerator. We can advise you when your service is due to ensure longevity of the unit.

Complete Incinerator Range

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Why Incineration?

Medical waste consists of all manner of wastes from:

  • Medical Laboratories
  • Dental / Cosmetic Clinics
  • Blood Banks / Collection
  • Nursing Homes
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Infirmaries/Hospitals
  • <1000 Bed Medical Facilities
  • Medical Waste Collection

Medical waste including contaminated consumables, blood, body parts and PPE. Disposal through incineration is the best way to ensure bio-security. All our medical waste solutions are suitable for destruction of materials as well as contamination control.

Therefore, incineration is the solution for total destruction of medical waste using the 65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator for laboratory, clinic, nursing home, CDC, hospital, medical facility and medical waste collectors. This avoids all the direct and indirect risks associated with other disposal methods.  It is the safest and one of the most cost-effective disposal methods that treats medical waste in a safe way.

Using the 65Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerator, medical waste can also be treated at the same place where it was generated.  This avoids cross-contamination risk and keeps waste treatment costs low.

Our medical incinerators use the highest standards of construction.  They have superior corrosion resistance at high temperatures and are backed by 30 years of engineering experience. With an enviable range of incinerators for sale, we are confident you will find the perfect solution to your waste challenges.

Additional information

Typical Applications

– Medical Laboratories
– Dental / Cosmetic Clinics
– Blood Banks / Collection
– Nursing Homes
– Centers for Disease Control
– Infirmaries/Hospitals
– <500 Bed Medical Facilities

Combustion Chamber Volume (m3)

0.57 m3

Burn Rate

up to 65kg per hour

Average Fuel Consumption

15 – 20 ltrs p/h

Operational Temperature

> 850°C

Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber

2 seconds

Temperature Monitoring


Average ash residue (%)


Thermostatic Device


External Length (mm)

2080 mm

External Width (mm)

1100 mm

External Height (mm)

3840 mm

Door Size (mm)

55 mm (thickness)

Shipping Weight

2500 Kg