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300 Kg/Hr General Waste Incinerator



  • General waste incineration of up to 300 kg/hr
  • Secondary chamber for re-burn of harmful emissions
  • Award winning design
  • Beats European emissions standards
  • High quality build made in the United Kingdom
  • Small and portable system



I8-250G model is the first of our larger models with the internal capacity to handle ponies, cows and other larger animals.

The i8-250G is a high capacity model from our range of general waste incinerators with suitability for various waste streams such as wood, paper, cardboard and plastics. The large capacity, advanced secondary chamber technology and option for automatic waste loading provides an effective and sustainable waste disposal method for many different types of industries generating a high daily volume of waste.

This unit benefits from a large secondary chamber with afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions at over 850°C with a 2 second retention time. Offers you real economies around general waste streams.

Additional information

Typical Applications

– Bigger Military Operations and Camps
– Remote Housing
– Boarding Schools
– Universities & Colleges
– Industrial Waste < 2000kg day
– < 1500 People Communities


– Municipal Waste
– Domestic Refuge
– Industrial Refuge
– Foundry Waste
– Production Waste
– General Garbage
– Wood/Paper
– Landfill Destined Waste

Combustion Chamber Volume (m3)

2.40 m3

Burn Rate

up to 300 kg per hour

Average Fuel Consumption

25- 30 ltrs p/h

Operational Temperature

> 850°C

Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber

2 seconds

Temperature Monitoring


Average ash residue (%)


Thermostatic Device


External Length (mm)

3590 mm

External Width (mm)

1390 mm

External Height (mm)

4640 mm

Door Size (mm)

2530 x 1060 mm

Shipping Weight

8000 Kg