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Unique Mobile Cremation System i8-MCU



  • Fully mobile cremation system
  • Cremation cycle 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Odour/smoke free
  • Everything placed in the cremator (including liquids) remains within the contained unit
  • Remote control chamber pre-heating
  • Multi-stage chamber for processing of harmful emissions
  • Award winning design
  • Beats European emissions standards
  • High quality build made in the United Kingdom
  • Large size that is portable



Unique Mobile Cremation System – Safe & Dignified Cremation
Now available

This Unique Mobile Cremation System can be optionally supplied in a standard 20ft HC container to allow for quick & easy re-deployment.

Heat is well retained and therefore fuel consumption is kept to a minimum due to class leading refractory lining.

This technology ensures an even distribution and retention of heat through the primary, secondary and tertiary chambers.


  • Coronavirus COVID-19 cases
  • Planned/unplanned downtime and maintenance
  • Remote Communities
  • Disaster response situations

Available as a gas or diesel powered system.

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Why Incineration?

General waste is an unwanted refuse material or substance that may consist of materials from:

  • Community and household activities (municipal, domestic or camp waste)
  • Industrial activities (manufacturing, mining or agricultural)

Sending waste to landfill is an extremely expensive and dangerous process that is no longer viable.  In addition, because landfill waste turns into highly dangerous matter, it is causing extensive damage to the environment.

Therefore, incineration is the solution for total destruction of municipal waste, which avoids all the direct and indirect risks associated with other disposal methods.  It is the safest and one of the most cost-effective disposal methods that treats waste in a safe way.

Using incineration, waste can also be treated at the same place where it was generated.  This avoids cross-contamination risk and keeps waste treatment costs low.

Our general waste incinerators for waste management use the highest standards of construction with superior corrosion resistance at high temperatures and backed by 30 years of engineering experience. With an enviable range of incinerators for sale, we are confident you will find the perfect solution to your waste challenges.

Additional information

Typical Applications

– Crematorium
– Mortuary
– Pet Crematorium
– Disease Outbreak Centres
– Disaster Response
– Coronavirus Control Centres
– Hospitals
– Clinics
– Remote Communities
– Indiginous Peoples
– Independent Communities
– Native American Tribal Communities
– Aboriginal Communities
– Isolated Towns & Villages
– Autonomous Regions
– Communes

Cremation Chamber Volume (m3)

4.2 m3

1st Stage Post-Combustion

1.13 m3

2nd Stage Post-Combustion

2.64 m3

3rd Stage Post-Combustion

2.67 m3


Up to 1600°C

Cycle Time

60 – 90 minutes

Container Size

HC 20 foot

Shipping Weight

20000 Kg